Bushindo means:

“Way of the Enlightened Warrior” or “Enlightened Warrior Path”

Bu – Warrior – (Our definition) One who has the courage to transcend fear, to be resolved in times of challenge, demonstrate peace while being able to protect peace.

Shin – Depending how the kanji is written this can be read as Heart, Mind, Truth, or Highest Aspect of God. In our training we combine all four attributes, using the word “Enlightenment” to describe them. When writing Bushindo we use the kanji character for ‘heart’ because the heart is the center of all the teachings. We begin here and end here in the jeweled heart.

Do – Way or Path of the Bushin (Warrior with heart). Do also means willful clarity of mindful purpose and directing of the divine will.

Bushindo™ Enlightened Warrior™ Training Martial Arts Temple

Martial Arts began in temples as a way of perfection of the self merging with the divine. The essence is to become a representation of what it is to be fully human. Enlightened Warrior Training Temple will provide the space and University level instruction for total integration of body, mind, and spirit. Grandmaster Richard Van Donk has designed an exceptional program for learning the arts of rejuvenation, inner strength, personal development, increased health, the Golden Matrix self protection system, and spiritual empowerment. A beautiful Chinese style temple will be built in the woods with rainbow waterfalls and lush Japanese gardens gracing the entrance. Dragon pillars and ancient rich architecture will accent a change in feeling just on the approach of this temple.
Once inside you know you have entered a sacred sanctuary and feel changed just by the experience of being here.

Online Distant Learning Web Technologies will interface our newly evolved paradigms and the world in which we live impacting global change while creating income to provide everyone in our community with a sustainable income, if needed by them. State of the art networked computers, satellite linking, holographic learning modules, enlightenment chambers, mind machines, brain wave analysis, dream research. Budo and University Certification in various arts and disciplines.

“Always have the courage to live what you love and to love what you live”