Body and Health Rejuvenation Daily Practice

with Master Richard Van Donk



Body and Health Rejuvenation Daily Practice

This Body and Health Rejuvenation Daily Practice is a comprehensive integrative body workout that will help energize your body, create flexibility in your joints and muscles, stimulate your nerves, increase your blood flow, enhance mental sharpness and if done regularly will increase the quality of your health and life.

It is far more than just a routine exercise program. For over 30 years Richard has been on a quest for an ultimate Self-Treatment Healing Daily rejuvenation practice. This is it!

In this Daily practice Richard combines joint freeing, stretching, Bio-energetics, Hatha Yoga, Meridian activations, acupuncture points, nerve systems activations, TCM/TJM Traditional Chinese\Japanese medicine, Amatsu techniques from Dr. Chris Roworth, martial arts advanced Junan Taiso methods of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi and Chi Kung energy flow techniques.


Rejuvenate yourself!

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