What Others are Saying

I wish to honor the House of the Divine Warrior you have. You have my deep respect. Thanks for the fast service.

Rev. Mearl

Thank you for the prompt and professional service. It is very satisfying to have finally found a martial way which emphasizes mental & Spiritual development as well as the physical. You have found in me, a student for life!

Timothy Park ,OH

You have a very easy-to-learn and entertaining way of teaching that has helped me learn more on your videotapes than what I’ve learned from years of private instruction. A very satisfied customer.

David Suggs, AL

The seminar was fantastic and Mr. Van Donk was an excellent teacher. Thanks Again.

Robert Lamoureux, TN

My words cannot describe the experience, feeling and growth this has given me. I am grateful for your generosity & abundant love.

Tim Fitch, MT

You have a wonderful system: all the techniques are in harmony. Master, your control in close fighting is extraordinary. Thanks for transferring your knowledge to video tape.

Erdogan Senol, Turkey

My friend just visited you recently and enthusiastically reported his private lesson with you as ‘Standing too close to the Sun’……. Living the Spiritual Path is the most comprehensive guide for Kundalini I have ever experienced. Thanks for sharing it.

P.R. Hughes ON Canada

The whole program was outstanding!!!

Buzz West, CA

Just a note to commend the quality and value of your tapes and materials, we are enjoying them immensely.

J.R. Morrisson, MN

Our desire is to inspire!