Bushindo University

BuShinDo means:

“Way of the Enlightened Warrior” or “Enlightened Warrior Path”


Warrior – (Our definition)

One who has the courage to transcend fear, to be resolved in times of challenge, demonstrate peace while being able to protect peace.


Depending how the kanji is written this can be read as Heart, Mind, Truth, or Highest Aspect of God. In our training we combine all four attributes, using the word “Enlightenment” to describe them. When writing Bushindo we use the kanji character for ‘heart’ because the heart is the center of all the teachings. We begin here and end here in the jeweled heart.


Way or Path of the Bushin
(Warrior with heart).
Do also means willful clarity of mindful purpose and directing of the divine will.

Bushindo™ Enlightened Warrior™ Training Martial Arts Temple

ShrineMartial Arts began in temples as a way of perfection of the self merging with the divine. The essence is to become a representation of what it is to be fully human. Enlightened Warrior Training Temple will provide the space and University level instruction for total integration of body, mind, and spirit. Grandmaster Richard Van Donk has designed an exceptional program for learning the arts of rejuvenation, inner strength, personal development, increased health, the Golden Matrix self protection system, and spiritual empowerment. A beautiful Chinese style temple will be built in the woods with rainbow waterfalls and lush Japanese gardens gracing the entrance. Dragon pillars and ancient rich architecture will accent a change in feeling just on the approach of this temple. Once inside you know you have entered a sacred sanctuary and feel changed just by the experience of being here.

Online Distant Learning Web Technologies will interface our newly evolved paradigms and the world in which we live impacting global change while creating income to provide everyone in our community with a sustainable income, if needed by them. State of the art networked computers, satellite linking, holographic learning modules, enlightenment chambers, mind machines, brain wave analysis, dream research. Budo and University Certification in various arts and disciplines.

“Always have the courage to live what you love and to love what you live” RichVanDonk

“There is no Earth Peace without Self Peace…. It has begun in my heart and I lovingly send it to yours”
SatChitAnanda (RvD)

“Personal Empowerment Through Martial Arts”

Martial Arts Master Richard Van Donk
reveals his vision and story behind Bushindo™

The Bushindo™ System was founded in order to integrate my 35 years martial arts knowledge, my experiences with spiritual awakening teachings including Kriya Yoga from a Himalayan master, and 25 years Body-brain-mind research including being a NLP Master Trainer into the passion that drives my life. A simple theme “Make it Better”. Also my heart and the passion that drives my life is the integration of the philosophical and spiritual sides of the sacred temple arts. I am very interested in seeing how far a group of individuals can evolve ourselves as human beings. The studies of brain-mind research, yoga, kundalini research, sound and light activation of consciousness, meditation practices, body healing methods and alternative medicine are foremost in my personal dedication now. Therefore, Bushindo™ as a University was born. And these teachings extracted from the best of the best will be yours very soon.

What does Bushindo™ do for you?

Bushindo™ brings back the temple arts and incorporates a complete system of integrating the human organism to its fullest state of development. Based on ancient sacred teachings that I have studied since I was a young boy, I have synthesized skills of the best of the best from many systems of studies that have transformed the lives of millions and millions of people. I have taught several of these systems to others in the past and achieved great results. By using my 25 years of research into the science of how the brain/mind stores codes and processes information to create and understand paradigms of study and forge modeling processes I am able to help almost anyone duplicate their success at a faster rate of learning by unifying these sacred arts. Even in my martial art teachings I break the studies down into 5 categories of training; Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Social. To advance yourself as a martial artist or human being you must enhance each of these levels to lead a positive and balanced life. Martial Arts for me begins and ends in Respect.

Future of Bushindo™

Over the next few years we will grow from a web presence offering products, services, and home studies to a full online university to a brain-mind research center to an indoor/outdoor year round Bushindo™ Martial Arts training facility to a full live-in Sacred Arts Community of individuals who are committed to making a difference in ourselves and the world around us. Designs and plans are now being completed for funding purposes which may make our dreams a reality sooner.

Bushindo™ as a Martial Arts and Self Empowerment System.


In addition to studying with Soke Hatsumi in the arts of Ninjutsu I have been studying and teaching with several councils of Grandmaster’s. We gather for a few days or more to share each other’s arts. We work on what really works and what doesn’t. Uni-Dynamics Jeweled Wheel Of Light designed by Dr. Richard Van DonkWe work on what is the same and what is different. Being exposed to these wonderful masters taught me many things, made me think and helped me to become a better martial artist of my own kind. I took the best and threw out the rest. I simplified and made everything flow better and easier. I made it all more accurate and precise. I worked on all the angles, distancing and timings of all these master systems until I discovered a master pattern which I call the Golden Matrix. What I have worked out seems to be the core of all movement systems. This will be revealed in my forthcoming book and video series. Bushindo™ is a body-mind-spirit integrated system that will renew, revitalize, and rejuvenate your life while giving you martial art skills second to none. Our mission is to further empower all human beings in their ability to protect and build their freedoms while increasing their humanity.

All the best, Master Richard J. Van Donk



We at Bushindo University are dedicated to building a better world through self mastery by strategic education and united action. We offer every person access to the information they need in order to properly study how to better their lives using the Jeweled Wheel of life teachings in every format possible, whether that be physically one on one, in group sessions, camps, books, video, web sites, home study courses or exotic training’s in exotic places.

We are here to provide an open door to a great adventure and a wealth of information that changes peoples lives. We’ve done our best to become the definitive Source for Personal Transformation training information anywhere in the world. We are always open to your comments and suggestions on how to serve you better. We are in the process of securing an full time teaching experiential University with indoor and outdoor facilities that would be open year round for University Degree training and retreats. Let us know if you are interested in attending or helping us build it.


What about Ninjutsu?

Many people know me as a senior practitioner of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi and the Ninjutsu Bujinkan teachings. Until this time my web presence and world visibility has been through the web sitewww.Ninjutsu.com. All this time I was teaching, consulting to other audiences. I did not want to mix them. I also have been busy with 9 new books in the works, DVD’s, workbooks, Audio recordings and much more that will be revealed here one by one as they are to my satisfaction. The teaching have been tried and tested over many years.

Please know that I am still totally actively involved in the Bujinkan system of Soke Hatsumi and train with him at least twice a year many times bringing students with me to Japan. All of our Ninjutsu rankings come from the Bujinden Hombu dojo in Japan. On April 2, 04 (Takamatsu Resurrection day) I received a Ju-yondan menkyo license (equal to 14th dan) in his Budo Taijutsu system from Grandmaster Hatsumi and my wife Linda received her Judan (10th dan) on that day as well. In 2005 I was awarded one of the first 15th dans (this is really the 5th level of Judan) Myself and other high level IBDA instructors support our Ninjutsu students worldwide with their Ninjutsu studies with seminars, 3 day camps, Japan trips, and private lessons. I felt it was important to distinguish the other teachings I am doing from Ninjutsu and to offer a wider base of knowledge to students who are interested in improving their lives from my wide base of studies. We love Ninjutsu and Art of the Ninja! Check out our study materials that are second to none at www.Ninjutsu.com