Martial Artist Students worldwide need Bushindo University 

And we are asking for your help. Please take a moment and read this.

Dear Students, Friends, and Family,

These are profoundly hard and often heartbreaking times environmentally, economically, politically, socially and in so many other ways.
But one fact remains certain: the Bushindo University and IBDA has always been an important element in providing empowerment tools, events, courses and a way of living for thousands of people all around the world for over 35 years now.

We have made a commitment to help people transform their lives to learn martial arts, health rejuvenation, spiritual practice, and life enhancing empowerment methods. 

Bushindo University through the efforts and good will of Richard Van Donk, has made a most notable difference in people’s lives perhaps even your own.
Bushindo has been placed in an unfortunate situation and needs your help.
We ask that if we have in any way impacted your life that you help us in continuing in helping people around the world study these arts that we all love so much. 

As you may have heard we have been in the center of several huge California fires. Much of our small mountain town burned to the ground. So many friends lost everything. 

Our town was devastated and nearly burned to the ground.  Over 2000 homes and buildings burned to within 2 blocks from the University and Dojo. While we were fortunate to not have the building burn we experienced smoke damage, loss of power and loss of phones and non-access for a very long time. We were locked out of our offices for more than a month making the last 2 years very difficult for us as more fires happened again. 

We will persevere but without your support we may have to greatly downsize the University space and dojo.

For many years we have operated at a near non-profit level. We have on purpose lowered our prices on courses so that less unfortunate people around the world could study these arts. Without your help we will be forced to raise these prices and limit any scholarships in 2018.

Please note that In 2006 Shihan Richard Van Donk donated all his teachings, while taking no profit, to the university so that the training would be more available to the world. He continues to selfishly support the University both in time, and
with his own financial sacrifice. In 2018 he will not longer be able to do as he is faced with other family obligations. 
You may not realize that when you purchase a course, book or dvd that you are also helping someone else learn the art. These funds not only keep the University going but allows us to offer less prices to others so those less financially fortunate can study something that changes their lives. That has always been our goal “Helping others to have a better life.”
Please give back to what you love by helping Bushindo University, by either purchasing from the store or by kindly making a donation now to help us with keeping prices low, paying staff, scholarship programs, academics, research, and operational expenses.
We kindly ask you to support us in anyway you can.  Every donation no matter how large or small really helps and is greatly appreciated.
You can go here and donate any amount by PayPal, Debit or Credit Card. You can make it a one time or a monthly contribution.