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At these Fire Side Chats I am looking for people that are ready for a Take Charge of Their Lives and Really Need (or Want) a Life Change Yesterday. If that is you or someone that you know then read on. This is not just some kind of lecture. This is a go in deep and get it done experience.

My intent is to see how far we can go together in taking a deep look at our lives, work on any challenges, make solid plans for evolutionary change, and share with the group our committed plans for transformation. This will go much further than even a Master Mind club. We will do my well proven Paradigm Shift processes both individually and in groups. Over 35 years of NLP and coaching have taught me many methods for making revolutionary change in a short time. In a Fireside Chat dynamic everyone helps everyone else. I will facilitate the process and give my insights to your process. Of course I will also give some inspirational discourse. These in-depth Fireside Chat sessions will be life transforming, that you can count on.

LOCATION – Will be held in Northern California or Hawaii
INVESTMENT – Amount will depend on location – It will most likely be for less than a 1-day private session with me.
PRIVATES – to learn about private sessions go here http://yourparadigmshift.com
FIRESIDE CHAT CONTACT LIST – to get on my private contact list for these fireside events

Email me at info@Bushindo.com with the subject line of Fireside Chat Interest – note this is a NON- Reply e-mail address.