Training to become a Sennin (totally empowered free human being)

Jewel 1 – Total Integration

Jewel 2 – Manifesting

Jewel 3 – Relationships

Jewel 4 – Warrior’s Body

Jewel 5 – Ultimate Happiness

Jewel 6 – Warrior’s Paths

Jewel 7 – Consciousness

Jewel 8 – Spiritual Path

Jewel 9 – Life Contribution

Black Belt in Life Training

This is a living system… a path to living the greatness of who you are.

I invite you to dare just a little. To reach deep in you to truly find out who you can become. To find out where your soul lives and visit it… then embody your highest potential, letting your heart soar with a freedom that you have never yet lived. You know it is there as you have quested in everything that has been really real to you. It is the very thing that wakes you up each day. It is what you experience when you are on the edge and what you experience after your greatest climax. I want you to live without any resistance in your soul…. Is this the day you surrender into being who you really are on a consistent basis?

The Jeweled Path Training will teach you the following as a full living system ..

the way Budo was intended to be taught:


Owning Yourself Fully * High Vibrational Living * Know Thy Self * Power of Center * Life Assessments Towards Wholeness * Rhythm -Dance and Music * Total Being Daily Practice
ards self enlightened life mastery.


How to Achieve Instant Peace * Transcending the War Within You * Learn what serves you and what does not * Owning Yourself Fully * Heal the past and present to live a great future * Everything is Connected * Love and gratitude as a way of life * Making Your Relationships Last


Liberation on purpose * Art of Being Fulfilled while fulfilling others * Finding Joy in Everything * Science of Emotions * Making Emotions Your Friend * Freedom from Oneself * Mastery of State Change * Out Do Mr. Happy * More Love More Joy More Bliss


Develop a Sage’s Consciousness and a Genius Mind * Breathe your way into altered states * Empowering Yourself Methods * Dreaming it Real * Unified Consciousness * ShenGong Chi Kung *Increase the Power of your Spine * Inner Smile Practice * Ancient Masters Forbidden Knowledge * BlackBelt Siddhi Powers * Mudras (Kuji-in/Kuji-kiri)


Service to Others * Social Connections * Performing Random Acts of Kindness
Giving Back * Paying It Forward * Loving Deep and Getting Loved Back
Note: Bushindo Life Mastery System is designed to be a progressive integrated system so that what you study in one jewel will help you with an aspect in the others. You can deeply study the Jewel(s) that will empower you the most first! Bushindo Life Mastery System is very comprehensive and the great thing is that you can be coached, ask questions, discuss your dreams, challenges and successes with others on the same path as you. You will belong to a unique group of individuals that believe and live a life that demands being awesome and that being average is not acceptable for living this life. We all help each other to live an Optimal Life Style.


Take Charge of Your Life * Determine Your Life Purpose * Methods for Creating Your Life Exactly how you want it* Art of manifesting whatever you want * DreamWeaver Strategies and Methods for Living Empowered * Living Your Optimal LifeStyle * Treasure Mapping


Developing a Radiant warriors Body * Nutrition- Food as energy * Magic Mirror – movement reflection * Integrated body flow * Strengthen Mind to strengthen Body * Exercise balance and alignment * Taking Care of Your Body * Healing * Massage * Daily Rejuvenation Practice


Martial Arts Paths – Choose Your Art
Enlightened Warrior TrainingTm
Bushindo Sword (comes with Course) * DeCuerdas Eskrima
Ninjutsu – Ninpo Taijutsu – BudoTaijutsu IBDA Bujinkan Teachings
Your Choice of another martial art if you are already a BlackBelt
Available in Future – Master Self-Defense (No Nonsense natural easy non-martial art method for beginners) * Bushindo Ryu (best of)


* Living the Spiritual Path * Meditation for Beginners and Masters * Sourcing The Creator * Sphere of Total Being * Philosophy (Uni-Dynamics/Dao/ Zen) * Esoteric Knowledge * Daily Practice


Utilizes self protection as a way of understanding your relationship to others and the world. As a way of resolving conflict, transcending the war within you and the injustices of the world around you. As a way of personal empowerment and overcoming fear and inhibitions. The way towards self enlightened life mastery.



We live in very interesting times (I’m being polite here).
We could say intensifying times, couldn’t we?
Are you feeling it?

The economy sucks, we’re being thrown into a fast paced life where technology is taking over everything, and we’re bombarded with information but don’t know how much of it is accurate or can really be trusted. There are too many wars, rampant greed and corruption goes unchecked, social unrest is popping up everywhere, people are losing their homes and all their stuff, and governments supposedly of the people are taking all our liberties away in the guise of national security and keeping us safe, And then there’s climate change, GMOs, nuclear waste dumping into the ocean daily, and pretty much just one world disaster or challenge after the other. To me this sucks big time. Are you aware of all this stuff? Of course you are.

Are your friends and family seemingly more emotional right now? Everything seems to be intensifying with all my friends, family and clients. Emotions are flaring up even on simple things. It really does seems like time is speeding up – or is it just me? There just seems to be so much more to deal with as the world moves faster and faster into this technology age. All this social media is frying everyone. Don’t get me wrong I love connecting but I am from California and to me connecting includes a hug, not sending an icon on my phone. And you know, I think It was much easier NOT knowing people’s crap or true personalities and wild beliefs that I see on Facebook.

I have been coaching people for over 30 years and I have never witnessed this intense a level of radical quick shift happening. It seems like it is harder for people to focus, to make intelligent decisions, to stay compassionate in their relationships or to earn the basic income they need just to survive. My other full time coaching friends are telling me they are seeing the same thing with their clients. We could be blaming it on the economy or technology bombardment or GMO foods or even a lack of chocolate, but I think it is something deeper. While inspiring and opportunistic life is very challenging and demanding at the same time. People are looking for a way out of this mess for themselves, their families and even for humanity itself. Ah…, to be able to balance all this stuff, to have work that pays for your life needs and secure a future and live to the fullest all at the same time. We need a reference manual for life, a remote control or something to guide us.

That’s one perspective- then on the other edge…… The golden age is here! It is a great time to be alive in human history – perhaps the greatest. So much opportunity! Never has it been easier to see the world, explore multi-faceted realities and fantasies or connect with anyone in the world in less than a few seconds, at almost no charge, right in the palm of your hand. You can easily share what you love with people of all walks of life now. Everything is taking less time to do and is being automated for ease and comfort. Spiritual awakenings are happening almost instantaneously instead of taking years. The meditations are deeper and more revealing, love is deeper and more rewarding, and people are more genuine than ever before. People are beginning to wake up to see the injustice all over the world. Fabulous breakthroughs are happening in all areas of human potential. The world is rebuilding and modernizing. Opportunity is everywhere.


The special time in human history I have been dreaming of is here!

For about 25 years I have been dreaming of this special time in human history, deeply witnessing how the world is reshaping and changing. I have been diligently visioning a better, a more Optimal way of living and developing ways to transform our world. I have been championing it all my life. It is my deepest passion and now I am pouring my heart and soul into this direction and I want you along for the ride.

Why isn’t everyone living the optimal life? I used to think it was because I was born and had parents that really didn’t know how it all worked themselves. Or even that it was because the government had the game rigged against me. But after many years of study and a lot of maturing I finally figured it out.

Something is missing!! Something HUGE! Like a real education!! An education that teaches you HOW to think, not what to think, and how to LIVE a happy life while we’re here on this planet. In school it would have been great to learn stuff that really matters in your life instead of old history that probably isn’t even exactly true. We need to be learning what our parents did not or could not teach us because they didn’t know how either. We need to learn what they never taught us in school – Like exactly how to live your Optimal, most empowered, joyful, abundant life!

What they never taught you in school
So here’s what they never taught you in school:

  • How to live with purpose
  • How to think – how your mind actual works – how you store and process information
  • How beliefs work and how to change them
  • How to make decisions
  • How to create your life the way you want it
  • How to handle challenges in your relationships
  • How to evolve your mind
  • How to achieve and maintain peace
  • How your body functions and how to help it heal – To take care of your body
  • How to make learning fun
  • How to be more confident
  • How to make a living or build up your money
  • How to never be a wimp – or a bully
  • How to learn because you love to do it.
  • How to benefit from what you got wrong (or didn’t learn)
  • How to be well liked
  • How to be yourself (and that coloring outside of the lines is what makes you unique!)

This list could be (and is) very long…… And you get the idea. You must agree with me if all of us had had training in all of these things our lives would be better. Do you agree with me? Yes or Yes? So since all this was missing let’s study it together! Let’s rock our worlds with the Best Year Ever and then help out some other folks to have a better life too.

Are you in?

So think about this. What area of your personal life needs the most attention this year? What is your story about this?

I want you to have the most awesome incredible life possible.

I want you to have the most awesome incredible life possible. A Life where you are healthy and doing all that you love to do with people that you love being with in the perfect environments that give you the best joy. A life filled with love, comfort and enjoyable experiences. A life full of meaning and purpose. A life that you are excited to wake up to every day. The perfect Life Style for YOU. I call that an Optimal Life.

Why? Well I, maybe even like you, did not grow up with one of those – an optimal life I mean. I viewed the world as very unjust and saw that people were often way too mean to each other. I really thought someone would teach me how to have a great life. My Mom tried but I ended up growing up on welfare and literally living under bar stools. Moving every time the rent was due. Having 5 loser stepfathers that created 5 younger brothers and sisters added to my dilemmas. I hoped school would give me the life tools I needed but nope, not even close. School never did this…and I was very disappointed. So at a very early age I made a decision that my life was going to be different. It was not easy but I have radically changed my life from the inside out. I now live an amazing life… but more on that later, if you are interested. This is NOT about me. It is about an opportunity for you. Why do I care about what goes on in your life when mine is still together and doing fine?

Well, I either have a curse or a blessing, sometimes I am unsure which it is. But whatever it is that gives me “the sight” as my grandmother called it – when I see people I see their patterns and feel their pain. I am better at distancing myself from this now than I used to be but still I am often compelled to help them because I know I can. Their unconscious is conscious to me and I am too aware to turn it off all the time. I see almost instantaneously what they are doing in their head and the actions that give them the life they have. I also see the way out to change it. I see the matrix, the life code, and the paradigm. This has been true since I was about 5 and got struck with lightning. And crazy me, I traveled the world turning over every rock to develop this power further as I always felt like it was not enough in life no matter what I did with it. I really thought everyone had this power and just ignored it, deciding to live their life their way. It took me 25 years to realize that it was a gift that others did not have. It has been tough watching an insane world based on greed and destruction. As a human race we can (and will) do much better. Each person I help is my contribution to a better world. I get great value in helping others. I love it and my soul feeds on this.

Most of my consulting time with clients is spent getting the person to realize what is blatantly unconscious to them and owning themselves enough to get the courage to stand up take charge and change it. The what to do and how to do it comes easy for me.

So to sum things up in a nut shell, I want to take a small group of people on an incredible transformational journey

I never was given an owners manual at birth nor could I find one… So I wrote one! At first it was for my kids in case I died before I could teach them these things. Then I printed it as a book called “Creating Your Life Exactly As You Want It.” The thing is I never stopped learning. If fact I sped it up and traveled the world in ridiculous quests for knowledge. I wanted to know what the other masters that lived on this planet knew. I wanted their empowerment knowledge. I wanted the secrets!!

So all that research has now evolved into a Life Mastery System that has the best of the best of my almost 25 years of additional education and research.
Life Mastery System is a total way of living awakened and free. The goal is to be totally fulfilled on all levels of a human being. The system is lifestyle- based on conscious living. Living your chosen lifestyle, not anyone else’s. Through The Teachings you determine your ultimate LifeStyle? And where you are now in relationship to that LifeStyle. The Teachings give you a new mindset with an empowered thought process, teaching you what you were not taught in school but should have been. Teaching you “How to think and not what to think” – and to know for yourself. The Teachings create a matrix map to get there with a strategic plan to achieve it. The Teachings resolve the past and current issues sabotaging your life. In The Teachings we learn to live your life Awake, Free and Satisfied. To know your life purpose and what you really want to experience from it. Once you are on your path to living your optimal life we throw in the secrets of the masters and ancient mystery schools to connect as deep as possible to the Source daily to keep you on your chosen life path.

The Teachings theme is “Make It Better” and “Change Yourself, Change your World”. Join our World Team and earn a living sharing these teachings as an affiliate and maybe one day as a certified Life Mastery Coach or trainer.


What you never learned in school but should have been taught…
The Teachings brief summary on what studies that I have set up for you.

How life works, Life Assessments, LifeStyle Design Jeweled Path How your life got like it is, Mapping Your Purpose, Creating Your Life exactly the way you want it, Getting your life together and taking it to the next level, LifeStyle Design, Rejuvenate your body, Detoxing your life, Rejuvenation, Overcoming Challenges, Learning how your mind and brain stores codes and processes information, Programming your mind (beyond NLP), Empowerment Brain/Mind inductions, Inner Peace in minutes, Spiritual Awakening (basics), Conscious evolution, building great relationships, Unified Consciousness Model, Path to oneness and totality, Secrets of the Ancient Masters, Chakras-balancing and opening, Self Healing, Chi Gung, Oneness Process, Inner Arts Daily Practice, Bone Marrow Cleansing, Kuji-in, Dream training, Breath activations, Kriya Yoga, Meditation, Energy builders, Hololight Sphere, etc…

and much more….

Plus I am going to throw in several complete multi-day seminars never before released to the general public…. on Life Mastery, Spiritual Wealth, and Enlightened Warrior teachings.


Don’t worry if you don’t live near me as technology now allows us to connect often and for me to load you up with the perfect teachings in written form plus audio and video, hosted in a very special, revolutionary, Private Coaching Membership Only Online Portal. This group will get just the best of the best teachings (from 40 years of research) in a very strategic manner so you can study it in your own time and at your own pace. This is a mastermind study group as well as me teaching you and answering all your questions as your coach. We will study and practice transformation together.

I put it online so everyone can access it at any time and so we all have a common communication portal. I call it a portal as it is a doorway to a new way of living and thinking. It contains The Teachings, plus about 100 video clips (with more being added), as well as written study material in pdf form, plus some of the video transcripts, plus action plans and audio clips. Plus it has a community forum so everyone can get to know each other. Plus another very special feature I describe below.

Everyone will have a different need from this course and so their focus may be slightly different in their approach to learning it. That’s why I have done my very best to give everyone, no matter what their study style, the types of presentations that will meet their needs in studying the material.

Some people strongly prefer a structured format for learning – as in, study this subject this week and then study this other subject the next week – so I have set this course up with a weekly lesson plan.

Yet other people want to just study the parts that interest them and so I offer access to most of the teachings all at once for those kinds of learners. Of course I am doing this inlayers so that people will actually STUDY the material and embody the teachings.

This isn’t the kind of course where you can just speed-read through it and say, ok, I’ve done it. That’s not why you are here, at least HOPEFULLY that’s not why you are here.

No course on the planet will make the changes you want in your life unless you really study it and apply it. This is about making changes in your life, not just adding another certificate to your wall. It is about making Life Mastery a way of life!


I had to make this better than just having some written material to read and videos to watch, action plans and training audios – even though these are powered up and to the point teachings – not fluff. Under each video or audio or written lesson in the Life Mastery Portal is a comment and question section. This is awesome because I can coach everyone this way! I will be answering every question and commenting on your comments. Everyone can also help everyone else with his or her knowledge on a subject. This communication tool is invaluable as it will be right under the specific content. And If more clarity is needed I will shoot another video on that subject and post it. Although there is a solid study curriculum in place, sometimes we may just need to go deeper on certain things. Over time the portal will grow even more and the lessons get even deeper. I really want to help you overcome any life challenges and/or understand your spiritual awakening while building your own personal optimal lifestyle. Even just one great Ahaaaa! moment will be worth whatever you invest in The Teachings.

In a nut shell, I want to take a small group of people on an incredible transformational journey…. A life-changing journey on every level of being. I want to see just how far we can go together in human consciousness and spiritual awakening while we build our optimal lifestyle. That is the end goal of this collaboration But in the beginning, for some of you, it may be just the thing you need to help you keep your head on straight while you’re going through some life challenges. We’ll get through them easier together.


Okay, Let’s take the Life Mastery Portal a step further. People have been knocking on my door for a long time to personally mentor them. I love doing this and honestly I have just been too busy and really needed what is included in this Life Mastery Portal teachings to do it faster, quicker and more eloquently, especially for those that do not live close to me.

I am now going to open this up for a chosen few that truly want a life shift. You have to be an “ALL IN”kind of person as I just want to get right in your mind and sort it all out for you and give you a road map to help you make the changes you really want. Believe me when I say that I am more ruthless than your problem. This is why I really only want people that truly want a life shift. People who are tired of the norm, the bullshit of society and/or where their lives are now. People who will put in some dedication for change. The others can wait until I open the doors of the Life Mastery System Portal to the general public, as I then will have it worked out into an easy, take your own time kind of learning method. But In the beginning I want to kick up some dust and rock some worlds so it’s only for those who really want a change. It will not be cheap but it will be life changing(Actually it will cost less than doing a One Day private session with me). If you go to www.yourparadigmshift.com you will see the basis of what I want to offer you except we will do this long distance through phone, Skype (don’t worry if you don’t have this), text, teleconferences, and the internet Life Mastery System Portal.

More on this in just a moment……….


Perhaps I will take the whole Life Mastery System even further in the future. Like training trainers and certifying Life Mastery Coaches so people can make a living while helping others. Most likely I will choose the first teachers I certify from those that I mentor first in the Life Mastery System Portal.

The Life Mastery System contains the best jewels from my 25+ years of research BUT instead of overwhelming you with it all I took 6 months to trim it down into bite size chunks in a strategic way. I created two weekly study plans:

In the same portal you can choose either the accelerated completion ‘Paradigm Shift’ path of 26 weeks (six months) or a ‘Best Year Ever’ 52 week (1year) plan. Either way you will have a year’s access in the private portal membership. Each plan has a one by one check off sheet so you can go at YOUR pace – unless of course you are being mentored by me. In that case I will be kicking your butt often to get it done! This is only going to happen if you are not stepping up as you need to. Somebody has to do it and I happen to enjoy doing it… mmmm must be why I became a GrandMaster in martial arts!

Here’s the deal…

Is it okay with you that I spend 2 minutes telling you about me so you know where I am coming from?

I dedicated my life to the study of consciousness and its application to living.

I traveled the world going to ancient sites studying different cultures. I studied with many masters in body, mind and spirit. I went to thousand of hours of seminars on human potential and how to be the best consultant possible. I read thousands of books. I listened to thousands of hours of audio. I watched thousands of video teachings. I taught Life Change, Spiritual Wealth, Neurological Transformation, and Martial Art Seminars worldwide.

I authored and produced 7 full training courses, 40+ dvds, wrote more than a dozen books, created several human potential companies and developed 15 websites all dedicated to helping people better their lives.

I also do Next Level and Paradigm shift private coaching multi-day sessions.

I have worked for over 25 years to create the ultimate set of teachings to help you live the Best life possible. A system that combines the spiritual, the physical, your mind and your lifestyle in a unified system that is not based on a belief system but on actual practices that will deliver the best life possible, whatever you choose that life to be.

I finally have about 80% of it ready – which is perfect as the other 20% will be done later based on the needs of those that join me in these studies. Keeping up with all the new technology changes that seem to arrive daily has consumed me and I almost have become a slave to my computer and the process I started. Why? Because


  • Raise myself from welfare to millionaire
  • Build my own companies from working for others
  • Achieve inner Peace and a joyful life
  • Travel the world visiting exotic places
  • Become a Grandmaster in Martial Arts and high level BlackBelt in several others
  • Become certified in many healing modalities
  • Public Speaker and Trainer – World Renown
  • Author of 30 books and 70+ DVDs and 7 full training courses is a in and will
  • Build 20 Websites
  • Certified Elite Master Trainer in NLP – Science of the Mind
  • Sustain a lasting 20yr+ loving married relationship
  • Give more to the world than I have taken
  • Develop students and friends worldwide

But this is not about me, it is about you. I intend to help you help yourself to “get from where you are to where you want to be.” I have helped thousands of people towards living a better life. I am fully confident that I can also help you get what you want in life, step by step building a Road Map to your personal freedom. It will take hard work and effort on your part and you will be proud you did it.

Again, I know I can help you as I have literally helped the lives of thousands of people. I do it daily. I am highly trained and exceptionally passionate about helping people make life changes. I have done it and lived it in my own life. And I am still living it.

Life Mastery Coaching Portal

No matter which plan you choose, a lifetime of teachings awaits you. This portal will continue to grow over time and I will have deeper levels for those that want it. I know from previous experience that what most people really need is just a few life-impacting lessons at a time. Maybe even just ONE big Ahaaa moment and a light push in the right direction is all you need. That one insight is invaluable. So I will be giving you a lesson plan with bite size chunks in the portal plus at least some group coaching. For some, having a coach on speed dial is invaluable – someone who knows your story and challenges and life goals already.

You may be wondering, is mentoring much deeper than coaching? In coaching I will give you a few ideas from your questions and comments and then you must then go out and apply yourself. You will rely on that and The Teachings to guide you. This will be plenty for most people. And then other people may have a challenge they need fixed yesterday or they are like me and like to go ALL IN to move as fast as possible in learning and applying the changes. In mentoring I go in deep, help you reprogram your mind, take you by the hand and while you are do the actions to make your changes you will be reporting to me your progress and bouncing ideas off me so together we come up with the best agreeable strategies to apply. If these are working, you will go on to the next step, if you have a challenge you call me, text me or email me and I will help you work out the solution until it works. Only then will we do the next step. In mentoring I am going to go extremely deep with you, most likely changing your existing deep belief patterns that are causing you life challenges and getting in your way of living your optimal life.

This is not for everyone and I will decide by application those that are best suited for the program. You see I cannot take everyone for this as I want to go very deep…. As in paradigm shift deep with the people in this group (those that have come to see me in person for consulting will have the first option be considered first?). After doing deep personal assessment and building a Dreamweaver Roadmap for success with each person I have been working on, they will receive weekly lessons to study. We will be working on those weekly lessons together. This also means at least weekly phone calls with me as well as group calls, e-mail access, Skype, teleconferencing calls and specialized videos. Plus an offer for in-person meetings – a Fireside chat (go to www.bushindo.com/. Mentoring can be for overcoming personal challenges, relationship challenges, martial arts excellence, spiritual practices.